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Introducing ”Voices from the Ridge - Youth At THE Edge,” a captivating podcast series developed through a 9-month journey with the youth of Lightning Ridge. Across three compelling episodes, these young minds share their unique perspectives, cultural identities, and stories, offering a glimpse into life in the remote outback of NSW. The podcast unfolds as a testament to the skills honed during the project’s training experience, showcasing the participants’ growth in skills of interviewing, writing, editing, and online broadcasting. Beyond the captivating narratives, the episodes also peel back the curtain, shedding light on the learning process itself. From the initial idea to the final polished product, listeners are invited to witness the transformative journey undertaken by these rural youth. ”Voices from the Ridge” not only amplifies the voices of the Lightning Ridge youth but also serves as an inspiring narrative of self-discovery and skill development. Through these episodes, the project achieves its dual purpose—offering a platform for rural youth expression while promoting and sharing the invaluable learning experience that shaped these compelling stories. This project has been made possible with funding from NSW Government, with support from Outback Arts and THE Edge Fest as well as Tin Camp Studios, THE Hungry Spirit and special thanks to Garth Boulton and Rebel Black for their support locally as well as all the young people who participated!

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Youth at THE EDGE

In 2023, the Youth at THE Edge Podcast emerged as a testament to the collective creativity and newfound skills of a diverse group of vibrant youth from Lightning Ridge. Throughout the year, a series of engaging workshops, pop-up events, and activities unfolded, providing a dynamic platform for these young minds to explore and express their cultural identities, passions, and the unique stories of their outback lives.

Facilitated by Outback Arts, THE Edge Fest, Tin Camp Studios, and THE Hungry Spirit, this initiative received crucial support from  the NSW Government. The collaborative effort aimed at empowering youth aged 16-22 involved a co-designed program encompassing technical and professional training. Under the guidance of local facilitators, the participants delved into podcast development, mastering skills such as interviewing techniques, podcast gear setup and usage, and the creation of captivating audio fillers.

The project's success was further propelled by the expertise of Emma Hoy from Signal Creative, who provided valuable skills-building workshops and played a pivotal role in refining the podcast through expert editing support. The resulting three podcast episodes, developed over a transformative 9-month period, now stand as a showcase of the youth's voices, experiences, and the technical prowess acquired during the project. 

As a testament to the project's commitment to youth empowerment, the participants were not only the stars of the podcast but also actively involved in shaping every aspect of its creation
The podcasts, distributed on Podbean, are set to be showcased through public events and various online platforms, leaving a lasting impact on the community and providing a valuable learning experience for both the participants and their audience.


Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

This song was recorded as part of the Youth at THE Edge Podcast project for Lightning Ridge as a part of a workshop co-hosted by Mona Vale Music, Baraygal Choir and Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
It's called Yaama which means 'hello' in the local Yuwalaraay language.

Monday Jan 22, 2024

Join us as we delve into the world of talented and determined young musicians who are shaping their futures through music. From workshops fostering creativity to the aspirations of a budding musician, this episode is a celebration of youthful resilience and passion in the face of challenges. 
In this episode, Rebel Black interviews 17-year-old musician Logan Lohse from Lightning Ridge about her musical journey, ambitions, and the challenges she has overcome

Monday Jan 22, 2024

Explore the world of young performers and artists at Lightning Ridge Central School's CAPA event in this episode. Despite a scorching heat wave, the talented youth show dedication and passion in interviews, sharing their diverse backgrounds, musical inspirations, and love for performance. Experience their joy, nerves, and excitement as they reflect on their favorite experiences and the impact of music on their lives. This episode captures the inspiring stories of these young artists.

Monday Jan 22, 2024

In this episode, join us as we journey through the vibrant and diverse young talent of Lightning Ridge. From the inspiring Open Mic nights to the fun and insightful school interviews, experience the raw and unique voices of the youth. Get ready to be captivated by poetry, song covers, acapella performances, jokes, and even interviews with aspiring electricians and future music stars. Tune in to be uplifted by the growing confidence and talent of the young people in the community and beyond.

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